Mohammad Reza Moradi

I am passionate Dubai based Audiovisual Producer & artist, graduated from the UAE with over 12 years in fields of audiovisual productions in photography, live/post production & innovative sustainable audiovisual design in educational sector and the community. My passions are to participate, take initiatives and using my potentials in different area in communities in Arts and cultural activities, I have been privileged to work with entities Such as Dubai police, DEWA, Dubai education, people of determination communities, Dubai Arts, UAE Art exhibitions, foundations like Injaz, European news channel and educational sector such as Canadian University Dubai and more.

Holder of UAE Golden visa, provided by Dubai culture as a creator.

Member of

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Live Productions – Post productions & Videography – Shows – Events

Musical talents of people of determination


On April 18th, 2019: Canadian University Dubai marked International Autism Awareness Month and UAE’s Year of Tolerance with a unique musical celebration at Dubai Opera uniting the musical talents of people of determination and Mohammed Assaf, in an awe-inspiring gala event.

I was honored to be audiovisual project manager as well as live producer & broadcaster of the event over multiple social media channels and also projection of films and children on screen.

Below are the references with my pictures & video during the event as well as the livestreamed YouTube link.

ART DUBAI, Exhibition report

Showcasing International artists in UAE

Video report on Art Dubai for European most viewed news channel, Euro news TV

The video report was produced for Euro news TV, showcasing Art Dubai exhibition and participated artists around the world, I had the opportunity to be videographer and editor for the report, working with French news correspondent.

Click on YouTube icon below to view the report.

ART UAE, International Canadian Artist in Dubai

Film production & photography

Art UAE exhibition, Sylvain Tremblay

Jan, 2015 • Sylvain Tremblay has delivered a spectacular live painting at the Art UAE exhibition held Armani Oasis in the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

I have been honored to produce a film as well as photography , showcasing the Canadian Artist Sylvain Tremblay performance.

Click on YouTube icon below to view.

Festival of lights Dubai, International report

Video report on Europe most viewed news channel

Video report on Festival of Lights Dubai

One of my proud post production was report on Dubai festival of lights showcasing different installation all around downtown Dubai, I have made this report for Euro news TV.

Click on YouTube icon below to view the report.

Dubai Police crime scene department, awareness film

Dubai Police crime scene department, awareness film

I had the opportunity to coproduce & produce multiple films or act as videographer for Dubai police as well as private photography in crime sense department during year 2017 – 2019, promoting awareness among the young generation.

My role in the video was assistant producer, camera man, and audiovisual technical support.

My recognitions from Dubai Police

Educating community, Save energy!

Video on promoting Energy saving to educate community

Was honored to be part of a video which was submitted as part of the DEWA award for promoting low power consumption for community.

My role in the video was assistant producer, camera man, as its mentioned in the cast at end of the movie.

Click on YouTube icon below to view .

TEDx Talk, TEDx Al Wasl Women

TEDx Al Wasl Women, Canadian University Dubai

December 8th, 2018, TEDx AlWasl Women is a non-profit independently organized event and an integral part of the global TEDWomen Community.

I was honored to manage the whole audiovisuals of this event. Such as lighting, audio and projection and most importantly the live stream production of the event over protected social channels and website of the TED.

TEDx Talk, TEDx Deira Women

TEDx Deira Women, Dubai Chamber of commerce.

2016, I was honored to videography and produce a short clip as well as photography of the event held at Dubai Chamber of commerce.

Dubai EnSENble Choir, the talent in people of determination

Audio preproduction & Live video production over social media channels

Dubai EnSENble Choir and UAE Philharmonic Orchestra

Another Full Audiovisual engineering and operation done by me which I’m proud to have it in my portfolio, the full audio and video engineering designed to run such as amazing event with people of determination. The tasks was with lighting, full audio setup and of course live production & videography of the event on social medias.

It was staged to provide the Determined Ones with the opportunity to showcase their talents and teach them about teamwork and perseverance. The concert  also provided an opportunity for those with a special talent to learn about vocal training and musical movement as well as allowing them to appreciate the beauty of classical music.

The Fresh Ideas show

Life of a Canadian in Dubai, H.E. Emmanuel Kamariankis, Canadian counsul general in Dubai.

The Fresh Ideas Live Facebook Show

I was honored to have His Excellency, Emmanuel Kamariankis – Consul General, Consulate of Canada to Dubai & Northern Emirates on LIVE Stream show.

The fresh Ideas Facebook live show was one of my series of shows that I was producing which invites successful international people to talk about their successful career life in Dubai . the objectives of the show was to help the students with their future careers, as well as people around the globe to showcase how UAE will change their life.

Please click on below icon to view the live streamed.

Diversity Show Production | Dubai Opera

Diversity choreography dance show, Dubai Opera

Canadian university Dubai Graduation

I have been privileged to produce a diversity show at Dubai Opera. The show took place at the beginning of Canadian university Dubai graduation ceremony at Dubai Opera on 2018. The show’s introduced Diversity in different nationalities. The whole Audio vocal prerecording and remix, background video production have been done by me.

Below are some of the show videos for reference.

Social free event for youth

Monday Movie nights

I have produced Series of Movie nights though-out years of 2018-2019, where gathered the young generations together, the event was begin with dance or musical performance and games by students and of course educational and inspirational videos and talks

These series of events was open to public with no charge at all with refreshments included.

Click on below link to view the reference of the event.

Emirates Green Building Council

Short film on award ceremony

Emirates Green Building Council, Award ceremony video

The video produced covered the award ceremony of Emirates Green building council.

Click on YouTube icon below to view.

Promotional Videos for Canadian University Dubai

I had opportunity to produce promotional videos in Arabic, Chinese and Russian for Canadian University Dubai, whether it was displayed on social media and Cinema ad as well, hope you like them.

Please watch them in below items

Cinema Ad


Dubai Expo 2020

I have a page on my website for Dubai Expo photography, kindly click below button.

Graduation ceremonies


I’m privileged to produce over 100000 media content such as photography, design and videos for such an educational sector since 2013.

Beside opportunity to get involved with community contribution with Canadian University Dubai, The graduation ceremonies were one of my biggest projects of the year.

At each year ceremony I had chances to photographs great moments of joy, people, portraits of all graduates on big screen to biggest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa.

Not only all the students photos on the screen during procession walk but the productions of all their names in voice track to be played during their walk on the stage.

I’m grade to be part of this year graduation at Dubai Expo to contribute in this great moments.

The UAE Modern conference

Dubai Design Week 2021

2017, I had the chance to photographs UAE modern conference held at Etihad Museum, & Dubai Design District, as part of Dubai Design week.

The conference aimed at sharing ideas and experiences on the conservation of modern architecture and l helped broaden the discussion on a subject that already punctuates the cultural debate in the region.

THE EMIRATES’ DEAF association

جمعية الإمارات للصم

Ripples of Happiness

Dec 2015, I have had the opportunity to contribute to the Emirates deaf community on supporting the students in creating campaign by creating visuals and photography to promote Emirati sign language & on creating an mobile app called Efhamni.

Unite the deaf and non-deaf communities of the UAE through a mobile application that teaches users the fundamentals of Emirati sign-language.


The Cohort Gallery

Special Design work

The Graduates’ cohort gallery at Canadian University

This was a project of six months long, as designing of each cohorts required to be so clear and high resolution, in a way for the parents to find their loved ones in the image, therefore design of each cohort (wide image) was combination of multiple photos put together and photoshopped to produce in such size. the sizes of these design in my website is not actual and in frame is much larger, 100cm * 50cm. This project was my initiatives toward the university community where all the Alumni have access to these design in their yearbook.

Here below are photos as reference to this project. Displayed in Canadian University Dubai reception at Dubai Citywalk.

ART UAE exhibition

International Artist in Dubai.

December 16th, 2014: Leading Canadian artist Sylvain Tremblay has delivered a spectacular live performance at the Art UAE exhibition held at Armani Oasis in the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

I’m glad to take opportunity to cover the photography and videography of this event. In the production section you can view my film on this event, hop you like it.

Awareness campaign for Breast cancer

Year 2014, Charity

I had privileged to photograph the students’ campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer in the UAE.

The Jass beach Dubai

I have always passionate to be artist to promote art.

Year 2016, I had opportunity to cover the event Jass beach Dubai.

I had photographed Artist Kamal Musallam, Soren Lyng and Sangoma Everett. and I’m glad to have them in my portfolio.

Canada Day in Dubai

Photography work on Canada day, with presence of His Excellency, Emmanuel Kamariankis

The GCC Municipalities & Smart cities conference

Year 2014 – 2015

I had the chance to attend the Smart cities conference held on year 2014 & 2015.

Other Audiovisual Activities

Being in Audiovisual for me is not only liming this field to production, but to the integration and installations as well. Over the past a few years I have taken the production to the next steps, in a way that to integrate medias more accessible by the community. I have completed & experienced projects in lightings, staging and most importantly integration of AV at the schools and universities and operations of them as well.

I have implemented all these installations to make the events and space more creative, specially when it comes to the university.

I’m glad to mention I have completed some of these installations and integrations at the university community.

I had delivered many installations but, Please view some of my highlighted AV installations over the past years.

The Hybrid AV solution

At Canadian University Dubai

I had the opportunity to develop Hybrid solutions for classrooms at Canadian university Dubai.

The solutions involved the ceiling microphones and digital speakers enabling voice lifting solutions in the classroom this was to avoid the students to come close to each other and to speech conformably from where they are siting, this was developed mainly for COVID-19 situations, to keep the social distancing in the classrooms.

Other invention in the design was, I have worked with the integrator to make teacher’s touch panel more creatives, the touch panels configured with buttons for the students and teacher to easily call for emergencies with simply click a button , not to call, the touch panel configured with security, clinic and AV button which in case of any emergencies or support, students will press the button and for instance the nurse will get notification in her display at the clinic. The classrooms have been added a fisheye camera for the online students to feel like they are in class.

The other amazing installation was to create a creative classrooms scheduler and signage. The scheduler is able to display image and whole information about the class to the students, added QR code for student to scan and know more, not only that the system is able to scan the photo and mark the attendance, and many more functionality all connected to database and automatically updating.

I’m glad to present my design and solution as innovative education Hybrid solution to H.E. Jean Philippe Linteau, Consul General of Canada in Dubai, and Mr. Buti Saeed Al Ghandi, the chancellor of Canadian University Dubai.

Below photos as reference of my presentation to them.

KPOP Event

The Korean pop competitions for young generations at Canadian University Dubai.

I had opportunity to manage the whole staging, lighting and any other AV needs of the event.

The International Cultural Day

This amazing event is happing every year and I’m glad to manage and implement the Audiovisual installations such as lighting, Audio, and staging for such event.


I have always wanted to transfer my experience and knowledge to the community, I have opened trainings with low costs for public as well as university community.

Below is the page which listed my training and my bio as instructor on Canadian University Dubai Website, kindly click on the photo to view the listed course and references.

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Recognitions & Certifications

I‘m glad to live in this land of opportunity UAE, which provided me with chance to work and contribute in different area, and want to thank the organizations who have appreciated my contribution to them.

Below are some of my recognitions and certifications or degree I have been granted till now.


Im glad to be graduated from Dubai with two degrees and would like to continue to a doctorate degree in Dubai as well.

Bachelor of Computer networking engineering.

Masters in business administration. MBA, in general management.

Dubai Police

I had honored to contribute in production & photography in some of Dubai police projects during years 2017 to 2019, which were one of my best art experience and would like to contribute more.

Coca-cola Foundation


This acknowledgment as you have seen in my portfolio was for the photography and other AV support for the application & event of Emirates Deaf association

TEDx AlWaslWomen

This recognition was for the live film production as well as photography of the event.

Canadian University Dubai

I have been honored to work and contribute in students’ life event and well as community and quality of education in Dubai.

Over 31 Certification in fields of AV

I had opportunity to go through different trainings related to my field of AV both Audio, video and live streaming in educational sector and more, to enhance the life of students.