At this page you can view some of my highlighted works which I’m proud of over the past years

Dubai Expo 2020

I have made special page for Dubai Expo on my website, please click below, hope you will like it.

Graduation ceremonies


I’m privileged to produce over 100000 media content such as photography, design and videos for such an educational sector since 2013.

Beside opportunity to get involved with community contribution with Canadian University Dubai, The graduation ceremonies were one of my biggest projects of the year.

At each year ceremony I had chances to photographs great moments of joy, people, portraits of all graduates on big screen to biggest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa.

Not only all the students photos on the screen during procession walk but the productions of all their names in voice track to be played during their walk on the stage.

I’m grade to be part of this year graduation at Dubai Expo to contribute in this great moments.

The UAE Modern conference

Dubai Design Week 2021

2017, I had the chance to photographs UAE modern conference held at Etihad Museum, & Dubai Design District, as part of Dubai Design week.

The conference aimed at sharing ideas and experiences on the conservation of modern architecture and l helped broaden the discussion on a subject that already punctuates the cultural debate in the region.

THE EMIRATES’ DEAF association

جمعية الإمارات للصم

Ripples of Happiness

Dec 2015, I have had the opportunity to contribute to the Emirates deaf community on supporting the students in creating campaign by creating visuals and photography to promote Emirati sign language & on creating an mobile app called Efhamni.

Unite the deaf and non-deaf communities of the UAE through a mobile application that teaches users the fundamentals of Emirati sign-language.


The Cohort Gallery

Special Design work

The Graduates’ cohort gallery at Canadian University

This was a project of six months long, as designing of each cohorts required to be so clear and high resolution, in a way for the parents to find their loved ones in the image, therefore design of each cohort (wide image) was combination of multiple photos put together and photoshopped to produce in such size. the sizes of these design in my website is not actual and in frame is much larger, 100cm * 50cm. This project was my initiatives toward the university community where all the Alumni have access to these design in their yearbook.

Here below are photos as reference to this project. Displayed in Canadian University Dubai reception at Dubai Citywalk.

ART UAE exhibition

International Artist in Dubai.

December 16th, 2014: Leading Canadian artist Sylvain Tremblay has delivered a spectacular live performance at the Art UAE exhibition held at Armani Oasis in the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

I’m glad to take opportunity to cover the photography and videography of this event. In the production section you can view my film on this event, hop you like it.

Awareness campaign for Breast cancer

Year 2014, Charity

I had privileged to photograph the students’ campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer in the UAE.

The Jass beach Dubai

I have always passionate to be artist to promote art.

Year 2016, I had opportunity to cover the event Jass beach Dubai.

I had photographed Artist Kamal Musallam, Soren Lyng and Sangoma Everett. and I’m glad to have them in my portfolio.

Canada Day in Dubai

Photography work on Canada day, with presence of His Excellency, Emmanuel Kamariankis

The GCC Municipalities

& Smart cities conference

Year 2014 – 2015

I had the chance to attend the Smart cities conference held on year 2014 & 2015.