& Certification

I‘m glad to live in this land of opportunity UAE, which provided me with chance to work and contribute in different area, and want to thank the organizations who have appreciated my contribution to them.

Below are some of my recognitions and certifications or degree I have been granted till now.


Im glad to be graduated from Dubai with two degrees and would like to continue to a doctorate degree in Dubai as well.

Bachelor of Computer networking engineering.

Masters in business administration. MBA, in general management.

Dubai Police

I had honored to contribute in production & photography in some of Dubai police projects during years 2017 to 2019, which were one of my best art experience and would like to contribute more.

Coca-cola Foundation


This acknowledgment as you have seen in my portfolio was for the photography and other AV support for the application & event of Emirates Deaf association

TEDx AlWaslWomen

This recognition was for the live film production as well as photography of the event.

Canadian University Dubai

I have been honored to work and contribute in students’ life event and well as community and quality of education in Dubai.

Over 31 Certification in fields of AV

I had opportunity to go through different trainings related to my field of AV both Audio, video and live streaming in educational sector and more, to enhance the life of students.