Studio Live Production

Course Overview

The studio live production short course at Canadian University Dubai will provide you professional experience in Producing live content, whether in the studio or remotely. The course takes the students from the basic of video recording to the advance level of producing in virtual sets, as well as practical experience of different signal transmission to production studio setups.

This course has two levels: Basic and advanced.


Certificate of completion will be provided upon successful submission of portfolio.

Basic Level

Fees: 14 Hours @ AED 1800

Course Outline

  • Studio IP cameras configuration & controlling
  • PTZ camera control setup
  • Basic videography
  • Signal transmissions
  • Cables and converters
  • Camera angles & composition
  • Basic lighting techniques
  • Studio lighting and installations
  • Audio integrations
  • Microphones and audio mixer setup
  • Capture & Playback setup using hyperdeck
  • Video hub setup
  • Productions switch and panel setup

Advanced Level

Fees: 14 Hours @ AED 2000

Course Outline

  • Camera controlling, angles, compositions, focus
  • Video signal and formats
  • Signal configurations and labeling
  • Configuration of Multiview monitors
  • Productions switch operations and workflow
  • Video hub operations and workflow
  • Testing & measurement
  • Signal distributions
  • Color management with production panel
  • Signal recording using capture device
  • Signal recording using capture software
  • Production of final project

Technical gears from Blackmagic design, Panasonic, JVC, Sennheiser, Yamaha, M Audio