Digital Media Production 1, Videography Workshop

Course Overview

Digital Media Production videography short course at Canadian University Dubai is a cutting edge. Providing students with the technical knowledge of videography’s setup and operations including practical experience. The students will experience an A to Z operations from basics of camera settings such as exposure triangles and compositions to lighting in the chroma screens. They will be provided with different type of cameras such as Digital Camcorders, DSLR and studio cameras. Students will also experience different types of lightings in filming at the studio and off studio. Students of this short course will be encouraged to take Digital Media Production 2 to complete the editing workshop.


The certificate of completion will be provided Upon submission of portfolio.


16 Hours @ AED 2000

Course Outline

  • Introduction to digital Videography
  • Nomenclature of cameras DSLR, Camcorders
  • Camera operations and modes
  • The Exposure Triangle: shutter speed, aperture, Iris, ISO
  • Camera lenses types, features and purpose
  • Camera white balancing
  • Lighting session using spot, still, ring lights with different temperature
  • Camera movements and tripods
  • Basic Audio and microphones setup
  • Filming in green screen
  • Composition and framing in different scenarios
  • Recording session in interview, journalism and promotional modes

Technical gears from JVC, Canon, Panasonic, Sennheiser