Audio Engineering

Course Overview

Audio is the language of communication. Alongside one to one communication audio signals have been playing an important role in today’s world, from media platforms to live events.

The Audio Engineering short course at Canadian University Dubai is designed to meet important technical knowledge in order to setup, operate and run latest audio equipment from basic to advanced level in studio and theatre environment.

The course has two levels: Basic and advanced.


Certificate of completion will be provided.

Basic Level

Fees: 16 Hours @ AED 2500

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Audio and signal flow
  • Audio Accessories, cables & plugs
  • Speakers & amplifiers installation
  • Microphones & Transmitters
  • Audio interfaces
  • Digital and Analog Audio mixers
  • Live mastering & effects
  • Basic live vocal setup
  • Recording techniques using digital mixers


Advanced Level

Fees: 16 Hours @ AED 2500

Course Outline

  • Introduction to DAW workstations
  • MIDI and interface setup &installation
  • Applications and plugins
  • Studio setup
  • Individual Advance Set up a live vocal & instrumental session
  • Recording session using DAW & Interface
  • Editing, adding effects and exporting Multitrack • Recording session with Artists

Software: Cubase & ProTools