Thank you for your trust in AV design and solution by Reza Moradi.

Kindly submit the details of your space and your objectives by email to me, in order to advise, if you are an educational sector, center of people of determination or charity organization, your design will be free of charge.

I can help you in different aspects of AV such as production, events, photography, AV installation and integration such as hybrid learning as well as lighting and staging.

Below are some of my successful projects cases.

The Hybrid AV solution

At Canadian University Dubai

I had the opportunity to develop Hybrid solutions for classrooms at Canadian university Dubai.

The solutions involved the ceiling microphones and digital speakers enabling voice lifting solutions in the classroom this was to avoid the students to come close to each other and to speech conformably from where they are siting, this was developed mainly for COVID-19 situations, to keep the social distancing in the classrooms.

Other invention in the design was, I have worked with the integrator to make teacher’s touch panel more creatives, the touch panels configured with buttons for the students and teacher to easily call for emergencies with simply click a button , not to call, the touch panel configured with security, clinic and AV button which in case of any emergencies or support, students will press the button and for instance the nurse will get notification in her display at the clinic. The classrooms have been added a fisheye camera for the online students to feel like they are in class.

The other amazing installation was to create a creative classrooms scheduler and signage. The scheduler is able to display image and whole information about the class to the students, added QR code for student to scan and know more, not only that the system is able to scan the photo and mark the attendance, and many more functionality all connected to database and automatically updating.

KPOP Event

The Korean pop competitions for young generations at Canadian University Dubai.

I had opportunity to manage the whole staging, lighting and any other AV needs of the event.